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Pre Operative Care 

Bisley Veterinary surgery undertakes operations, procedures, radiography (x-rays) and dental procedures Monday to Friday.

You have been asked to bring your pet in for an anaesthetic / sedation or blood test.  It is important to follow the instructions below:-

  • Please withhold food from your CAT/DOG after 10pm the night before the anaesthetic/procedure/bloods.
  • Please allow your pet access to water throughout the night and up until the morning of the procedure around 7am
  • Rabbits, guinea-pigs, and rodents don’t need to be starved nor do they require water deprivation unless otherwise directed.  Please allow access to water up until the morning of the surgery.
  • Cats should be kept indoors overnight before the anaesthetic, in case they gain access to an external food source.
  • Please take your dog for a short lead walk before coming into the surgery so that he/she has ample opportunity to clear their bowels and bladder.
  • Please ensure your animal is brought in clean and dry.
  • Please bring cats in a secure labelled basket and make sure dogs have a labelled secure collar and lead.
  • On the morning of the procedure you will be advised to bring your pet in between 8.30am and 10.00am, unless instructed otherwise by the vet or nurse.
  • Your pet will be admitted by the vet or nurse. He or she will be examined, weighed and a signature is requested on the consent form for the operation.
  • We will require a contact name and number which needs to be available the whole time your pet is with us.
  • We cannot state the exact time of your pets’ procedure as it depends on the days theatre list, we do however request that someone is flexible for collecting your pet.
  • Once your pet’s operation is finished and he or she is awake, we will telephone you to let you know (at this stage it may be necessary for your pet to remain with us a little longer) will request that you either call us or we will call you to arrange collection later that day.
  • If you have not heard from us by 2.30-3.30pm on the day of surgery please call us on 01483 480040.
  • The nurse or vet will go through all post-operative care, and any medication with you when collecting your pet.
  • Please listen carefully to any special instructions.
  • Please see separate blood diagnostic form.

Payment is required at the time of collection unless organised in advance with the surgery. We accept cash, cheque and most debit and credit cards.

For further information please contact the surgery on 01483 480040 or pop in to ask a friendly memer of staff.