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General Anaesthesia 

General Anaesthesia / Sedation


Here at Bisley Veterinary Surgery our fully trained and qualified staff are available to answer any queries or questions with regards to your pet undergoing an anaesthetic. We appreciate your concerns and we will not think you are silly because of your worries. All anaesthetics carry some risk and each animal reacts slightly differently. Recently there have been huge improvements in safety and efficacy of anaesthetic drugs for all animals.

Each premedication and general anaesthetic is tailored for the individual animal. We take into consideration the age, state of health, specific breed considerations and the type of surgery to determine our approach to the medication and anaesthetic required.
We ask you to sign an operation/procedure consent form on the day of your pet’s surgery, not because we fear the worse but to make you aware that the procedure does carry some risk and that you have been made aware of this.

After your pet has been admitted for the day, our Vet will give them a full health exam and then administer a premedication injection along with the appropriate painkiller injections. In most anaesthetic protocols carried out the induction agent is injected intravenously, the patient is then intubated (that is, a tube is placed into the windpipe) through which the oxygen and anaesthetic gas is delivered. Gaseous anaesthesia is shorter lasting than injectable general anaesthetic and this allows better control of the level of anaesthesia throughout the procedure.

Some procedures may require sedation, rather than general anaesthesia. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to the use of a sedative and these are taken into consideration in the choice of whether general anaesthesia or sedation is administered to your pet. One advantage of sedation is that the effects can be reversed with a reversible injection, waking your pet up reasonably quickly.

When scheduling your pet in for surgery a staff member will give you a protocol sheet outlining details on preparing your pet for surgery.  The information is also available under services Pre Operative Care.

Alongside this sheet will be a blood diagnostic information sheet which outlines details on blood tests available for your pet before surgery is undertaken, this information is also available under services In House Laboratory.

For further information please contact the surgery on 01483 480040 or pop by to ask one of our  friendly members of staff.